Kevin Skinner Today: Wiki Bio, Net Worth, Wife, Family, and House Updates

Kevin Skinner is a name that many people may remember from his win on America’s Got Talent in 2009. Since then, he has largely stayed out of the public eye, leading many to wonder where he is today. In this article, we will explore Kevin Skinner’s current whereabouts, as well as his net worth, family, and more.

Born in Kentucky, Kevin Skinner grew up with a passion for music. His win on America’s Got Talent helped him rise to prominence, but he later faced career decline and marital problems. Despite this, Skinner remains a beloved figure in the country music scene, and fans are eager to know what he’s been up to lately. We’ll delve into his personal life, including his family and home, to give readers a better understanding of where Kevin Skinner is today.

Early Life and Family

Childhood and Parents

Kevin Skinner was born as Patrick Kevin Skinner on February 25, 1974, in McCracken County, Kentucky, USA. He spent his childhood in Mayfield, Kentucky, in the Jackson Purchase region of the state. Skinner’s father, Joe Skinner, was also a musician and a big fan of Hank Williams, which influenced Kevin to pick up the guitar at the age of 12.

Growing up, Kevin Skinner faced financial struggles, and his family lived in a trailer park. Despite the hardships, he found solace in music and often played at local bars and events.


There is no information available about Kevin Skinner’s siblings or if he has any. However, it is known that his father, Joe Skinner, was a musician and instilled a love of music in his children.

Music Career

Starting Point

Kevin Skinner was born on February 25, 1974, and grew up in the Dublin community of Graves County, Kentucky. He started playing the guitar at the age of 12 and was influenced by country music legends such as Hank Williams, Bob Dylan, and Brenda Lee. Skinner worked as a chicken catcher before pursuing his music career.

America’s Got Talent Journey

In 2009, Kevin Skinner auditioned for America’s Got Talent, a talent show competition judged by Piers Morgan, David Hasselhoff, and Sharon Osbourne. He impressed the judges and the audience with his soulful vocals and country music style. Skinner made it through the quarterfinals, semifinals, and eventually won the show’s fourth season.

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Albums and Singles

After winning America’s Got Talent, Kevin Skinner signed a contract with the Cypress Tree record label and released his debut album, “Long Ride,” in 2010. The album featured songs written by Skinner, including “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Redneck Country Town.” The album received mixed reviews but was a fan favorite, selling over 100,000 copies.

Skinner followed up his debut album with a live album, “Kevin Skinner: Live and Unplugged,” in 2011. The album featured live recordings of Skinner’s performances during his tour.

Skinner’s music videos for “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “Long Ride” received airplay on CMT and GAC. He continued to tour and perform, opening for country music legends such as Garth Brooks and Aerosmith.

Net Worth

Kevin Skinner’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. He currently lives with his wife and son in Kentucky but has withdrawn from the public eye. Skinner’s music career has had its ups and downs, but he remains a beloved figure in the country music scene.

Personal Life

Kevin Skinner was born on February 25, 1974, in McCracken County, Kentucky, USA. He spent his childhood in Mayfield, Kentucky, with his father, Joe Skinner, who was a musician and a fan of Hank Williams. Kevin took up the guitar at the age of 12, following in his father’s footsteps.

Marriage and Children

Kevin Skinner is a married man. He tied the knot with his wife, Kristen Skinner, in 2002. The couple has a daughter together. However, there is not much information available about their daughter.

Mental Health and Withdrawal from Public Eye

Kevin Skinner experienced mental health problems, which led to his withdrawal from the public eye. After winning the fourth season of America’s Got Talent, he struggled with depression and marital problems. He took a break from his music career and withdrew from the public eye, leaving his fans wondering where he had gone.

In 2013, Kevin Skinner made headlines when he went missing in Las Vegas. However, he was later found safe and sound. Since then, he has kept a low profile and has not made any public appearances or released any new music.

Despite his withdrawal from the public eye, Kevin Skinner remains a beloved figure in the country music scene. Fans continue to support him and hope that he will make a comeback soon.

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That’s all the information available about Kevin Skinner’s personal life.

Net Worth and Assets

Income and Salary

Kevin Skinner is a successful country singer who has made a name for himself in the music industry. He won the fourth season of “America’s Got Talent” in 2009, which earned him a prize of $1 million. This win significantly contributed to his net worth, which is estimated to be around $1.5 million.

Apart from his win on “America’s Got Talent,” Kevin Skinner’s income and salary come from his music career. He has released several albums, including “Long Ride,” “Kevin Skinner,” and “Kevin Skinner: Live and Unplugged,” which have contributed to his earnings.

House and Properties

Kevin Skinner is a proud owner of a farm in Kentucky, where he spends most of his time. He has not disclosed the exact value of his farm, but it is undoubtedly a significant asset in his portfolio.

In addition to his farm, Kevin Skinner also owns a house in Kentucky, which he bought after winning “America’s Got Talent.” The house is estimated to be worth around $300,000, according to public records.

Kevin Skinner’s net worth and assets are a result of his hard work and dedication to his music career. He continues to be a successful country singer and a respected member of his community.

Legacy and Impact

Kevin Skinner’s legacy and impact in the music industry have been significant. His win on “America’s Got Talent” in 2009 catapulted him into the spotlight, and he has since become a well-known country music artist.

Skinner’s debut album, “Long Ride,” was released in 2010 and received positive reviews from critics and fans alike. The album showcased Skinner’s unique voice and his ability to write powerful lyrics that resonated with listeners.

In addition to his music career, Skinner has also been involved in various charity works. He has performed at benefit concerts for organizations such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

Skinner’s mental health struggles have also been well-documented. After his divorce, he suffered from depression and disappeared from the public eye for a few years. However, he has since made a comeback and continues to perform and create music.

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Kevin Skinner’s impact on the music industry and his dedication to charitable causes have made him a beloved figure in the country music community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kevin Skinner still performing?

It is unclear whether Kevin Skinner is still performing. After winning America’s Got Talent Season 4 in 2009, he released an album and went on tour. However, he withdrew from the public eye soon after and has not released any new music since then.

What is Kevin Skinner’s current net worth?

As of 2023, Kevin Skinner’s net worth is unknown. However, he won the $1 million prize for winning America’s Got Talent Season 4, which likely contributed significantly to his net worth.

Who is Kevin Skinner’s wife?

The identity of Kevin Skinner’s wife is unknown.

Does Kevin Skinner have any children?

It is unknown whether Kevin Skinner has any children.

What is Kevin Skinner’s most popular song?

Kevin Skinner’s most popular song is “If Tomorrow Never Comes,” which he performed during his audition on America’s Got Talent Season 4.

What is Kevin Skinner’s hometown?

Kevin Skinner was born and raised in Mayfield, Kentucky.

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