What Happened to Ashton Kutcher? The Latest Updates and News You Need to Know

Ashton Kutcher, the popular actor and entrepreneur, recently revealed that he had been battling a rare autoimmune disease that left him unable to see, hear, and walk. In an interview, Kutcher described his experience with vasculitis, a condition that causes inflammation and restricts blood flow to vital organs. The actor stated that he was “lucky to be alive” after his health scare.

Kutcher’s revelation has shed light on the often-misunderstood condition of vasculitis. While it is a relatively rare disease, affecting only around 20,000 people in the United States each year, it can cause serious and potentially life-threatening complications if left untreated. Kutcher’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of seeking medical attention for unusual symptoms and the need for increased awareness and research into autoimmune diseases.

Despite the challenges he faced, Kutcher has remained positive and has used his experience to raise awareness about vasculitis and the importance of advocating for one’s own health. His story is a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit and serves as an inspiration to many who may be struggling with their own health issues.

Ashton Kutcher’s Health Condition


Ashton Kutcher was diagnosed with a rare form of vasculitis, which is a condition that involves inflammation of the blood vessels. This autoimmune disorder can be life-threatening if not treated properly. Vasculitis can affect any organ, including the eyes, ears, and brain.

Hearing and Equilibrium

As a result of his vasculitis, Kutcher experienced hearing loss and problems with his equilibrium. These symptoms can occur when the inflammation affects the blood vessels in the inner ear.

Vision and Blindness

Kutcher also suffered from vision problems, including temporary blindness. This can happen when the inflammation affects the blood vessels in the eyes.


Symptoms of vasculitis can vary depending on which organs are affected. Common symptoms include fever, fatigue, weight loss, aches, and shortness of breath. If you experience any of these symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention right away.

vasculitis is a serious condition that can have life-altering consequences if not treated properly. Kutcher’s experience with this rare disease highlights the importance of early detection and proper treatment.

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Ashton’s Personal Life

Family Life

Ashton Kutcher was born on February 7, 1978, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and grew up with his twin brother, Michael. His parents divorced when he was 16, which was tough for him and his family. Ashton has been open about his struggles with his brother’s health issues, as Michael has cerebral palsy and cardiomyopathy.

Ashton has been married to his That ’70s Show co-star Mila Kunis since 2015, and they have two children together, a daughter named Wyatt and a son named Dimitri. The couple is known for being private about their personal lives, but they occasionally share glimpses of their family on social media.

Hollywood Career

Ashton Kutcher began his Hollywood career as a model before transitioning to acting. He first gained recognition for his role as Michael Kelso on That ’70s Show, which aired from 1998 to 2006. After the show ended, Ashton starred in a number of films, including Dude, Where’s My Car? and The Butterfly Effect.

In 2011, Ashton joined the cast of Two and a Half Men, replacing Charlie Sheen. He played the role of Walden Schmidt for the final four seasons of the show. Ashton has also been involved in producing and investing in various tech startups, including Uber and Airbnb.

Ashton Kutcher has had a successful career in Hollywood and remains a beloved figure in the entertainment industry.

Ashton’s Appearance on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’

Ashton Kutcher made an appearance on National Geographic’s ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge.’ The episode showcased Kutcher’s adventurous side as he rappelled down a 300-foot cliff with Bear Grylls.

The Challenge

The episode revealed that Kutcher is up for any challenge, as he tackled the daunting task of rappelling down a steep cliff. The actor also revealed his struggle with vasculitis, an autoimmune disease that inflames the blood vessels, which left him unable to see, hear, and walk.

Bear Grylls praised Kutcher for his resilience and determination, saying, “He’s a fighter, and he’s got a great spirit about him.”

Kutcher’s appearance on ‘Running Wild with Bear Grylls’ showcased his adventurous spirit and determination to overcome any obstacle. The episode is a must-watch for anyone looking for inspiration and a sense of adventure.

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Ashton’s Legal Issues

Murder Trial

Ashton Kutcher was involved in a murder trial in 2019 as a key witness. The trial was regarding the murder of Ashley Ellerin, who was stabbed to death in her Hollywood home in 2001. Kutcher was supposed to go on a date with her that night and arrived at her home to pick her up. However, she did not answer the door, and he assumed she had changed her mind about the date.

Kutcher testified in court that he looked through a window and saw what he thought was red wine spilled on the floor. He assumed that she had gone out with her roommate and spilled wine. However, it turned out to be her blood, and her roommate found her dead the next morning.

The trial also revealed that Ellerin’s phone and keys were missing, and the front door was left unlocked. Prosecutors argued that Michael Gargiulo, a serial killer, had entered her home and stabbed her to death. They presented evidence of Gargiulo’s fingerprints being found on the doorknob of Ellerin’s apartment.

Gargiulo was also charged with the attempted murder of another woman and the murder of a third woman. He pleaded not guilty to all charges, but the jury found him guilty of the murders and attempted murder. He was sentenced to death in 2019.

Kutcher’s testimony was crucial in the trial, and he was commended by the police for his cooperation. He later expressed relief that justice had been served and that he could finally move on from the traumatic experience.

Ashton’s Advocacy and Awareness Efforts

Ashton Kutcher is not only a talented actor and producer, but he is also a passionate advocate for various causes. One of the issues that he has been vocal about is rare diseases, specifically vasculitis, which he was diagnosed with in 2018. Since then, he has used his platform to raise awareness about the condition and advocate for better treatment options.

Kutcher has been open about his struggles with vasculitis, which caused him to experience hearing and vision loss, as well as difficulty walking. He has shared his story on various platforms, including an episode of “The Checkup with Dr. David Agus,” where he discussed his experiences with the disease and his efforts to raise awareness.

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In addition to raising awareness about rare diseases, Kutcher has also been an advocate for human trafficking victims. He co-founded Thorn, a non-profit organization that develops technology to help identify and rescue victims of human trafficking. According to the organization, their software has helped rescue around 6,000 children from sex trafficking.

Kutcher’s advocacy work extends beyond his philanthropic efforts. He has also used his platform as an actor and producer to shed light on important issues. For example, he executive produced the documentary “I Am Maris,” which follows a young woman’s journey with anxiety and depression. The film aims to destigmatize mental health issues and encourage people to seek help.

Ashton Kutcher’s advocacy and awareness efforts demonstrate his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. Whether he is raising awareness about rare diseases or fighting against human trafficking, he uses his platform to amplify important voices and make a difference.


Ashton Kutcher’s battle with vasculitis, a rare autoimmune disease, has shed light on the importance of prioritizing one’s health and seeking medical attention when necessary. Despite experiencing symptoms such as hearing loss, sight impairment, and difficulty walking, Kutcher persevered and has since made a full recovery.

Kutcher’s experience also highlights the need for greater awareness and understanding of autoimmune diseases, as they can often be difficult to diagnose and treat. It is important for individuals to listen to their bodies and seek medical attention if they notice any unusual symptoms or changes in their health.

Furthermore, Kutcher’s openness about his struggle with vasculitis serves as a reminder that celebrities are not immune to health issues and that everyone should prioritize their well-being. By sharing his story, Kutcher has helped to break down the stigma surrounding health issues and inspire others to take charge of their own health.

Kutcher’s journey with vasculitis has been a powerful reminder of the importance of self-care and the resilience of the human spirit.

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