Aubrey Miles Locker Room Scandal

Monday, April 26th, 2010

aubrey miles locker scandal

Looks like April is the month of wardrobe malfunction. I have zero clue that Aubrey Miles had a locker room scandal until she released her statement at pep. I find it hard to believe that Aubrey said that she had no clue that someone was taking pictures of her while she was changing.

Let’s put it this way, provided that she changed in locker room for ladies. Let’s assume that a woman was also inside the locker room. Why would a lady bother to take picture of another woman while changing? If the locker room is for general use, why would you change if there’s a guy around? How could she not notice that there’s a camera aiming at her. I smell publicity stunt here.

Aubrey Miles Locker Scandal Photo

aubrey miles locker scandal photo



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