Oprah Winfrey Statement on Miss Philippines Shamcey Supsup Confirmed not True

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Oprah’s alleged statement on Shamcey Supsup spread around online faster than speed of light. I knew it was too good to be true that Oprah would be rooting for Shamcey Supsup. It didn’t take long that the alleged statement would be debunked by PR people of Oprah. Some bored people just concocted this fairytale to make themselves feel better on Miss Philippines’ loss.

Hours after Philippine bet Shamcey Supsup was named as the 3rd runner-up at the Miss Universe 2011 pageant, a purported statement from U.S. “Queen of Talk” Oprah Winfrey spread like wildfire online.

This alleged statement was aired via NBC News: “I have reservations with the results. If the only basis is the Q and A portion, after having been trimmed down to 5, Ms. Philippines deserved to win. What made her different from the rest is that she had no seconds to rethink of her answer as she had no interpreter to break the ice. The rest had their interpreters and having breaks on seconds to think about their answers. Hands down, Ms. Philippines answered straight to the point.”

But sorry to burst your bubble, the highly influential celebrity did not actually say that.

Answering a query on the alleged statement, a moderator on Oprah’s official website Oprah.com said Oprah has not issued “any comments of this nature.”

OWNModerator13 responded: “There is no truth to the statement. Ms. Winfrey has not made any comments of this nature. Thank you for asking.”

Source: Yahoo

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  1. iJUANder Says:
    September 14th, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    nakakahiya ang ilan sating mga pinoy..gumagawa pa ng mga kwento.hindi pa nakuhang maging masaya sa outcome. Pati c oprah ginagamit, c lea salonga inaaway din..pathetic..

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